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 B6WBCLASSCASINO with Extra Arms  =$1005.00                     B4WBCLASSCASINO  =$772.00                           B6WBCLASSCASINO  =$865.00
 Center arms extra = $70.00 each                 Available Colors - Here
   The CLASSIC CASINO Style bench brings the look of the old
 and the new together with a classic ribbed steel combined 
 with a new frame made from #12 gauge 1-1/2" galvanized 
 Square tubing with a powder coat finish in your selected
 colors.  Surface Mounted, has plate welded to each foot.

           B6WBMODCASINO with Extra Arms = $973.00            B4WBMODCASINO = $594.00                              B6WBMODCASINO = $749.00

Extra arms= $70.00 each
   The MODERN CASINO Style combines the comfortable
  contour seat 0f 3/4" -# 9 Ga. Expanded metal with a stylish
  new frame made from # 12 Ga. 1-1/2" Square galvanized 
  tubing with a powder coat finish in your select color.

Surface Mounted, has plate welded to each foot.

                      B6WBVILLACASINO = $786.00                                   B4WBVILLACASINO = $621.00            B6WBVILLACASINO with EXTRA ARMS =$906.00
   The VILLA CASINO Style benches Use the same contour seat,
  But with a large diamond border and the new style frame of
 # 12 Ga. 1-1/2" Square tubing galvanized and powder coated.

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