Square, Octagon and Hexagon Benches.
Slotted and smoke station Type benches.



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  Surface Mounting covers of 
  powder coated aluminum.
 # SMSCOVER for 2 3/8"  legs .
     # SMLCOVER for 2 7/8"  legs

2 for $41.00

NOTE: Partial assembly required on some items.


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Specialty Benches


Geometric Designs, Square, Octagon and Hexagon Benches for around objects, Plus Mall Style Slotted Benches, Smoke Stations and
A Sand Box with seats.
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 Spec Sheet GBO84S   wt. 600 Lb.
     Geometric Benches

Specifically designed to
    allow for seating around

(A) = 1 segment outer length
      (D) = min. inside Dia. Octagon 
              & hexagon
      (B) = Inside length of segment
      (C) = Longest point inside
Seat Width = 19 1/2"
          Steel frame, 3/4" # 9 Ga.
      Expanded Metal, 2-3/8" Post,
      Inground or Surface mount.
   "requires a quote for shipping."

       Prices Do Not Include Shipping
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 Specs. B4DMAGNASM Bench
  (2) 4' Magna style benches
   Shown with P30-30 Planter.
    "each item sold separately "
    Bench of # 9 ga. expanded
   metal, 4" steel Sides & Legs
       Prices Do Not Include Shipping
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             Smoke Station  = $ 932.00
     Consists of (1)6' and (1) 4'
   Bench with ash urn and a
   T32 litter recpt. w/ ashurn.
   Plus LINER32 & FLATTOP32
   # 9 ga. expanded metal Style.
       Prices Do Not Include Shipping
       Slatted Style Bench

No Back, # 10 ga. steel
   Slotted and Braced with
   2- 7/8" Legs.
       Prices Do Not Include Shipping
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  "requires a quote for shipping."

  "requires a quote for shipping."
    "requires a quote for shipping."

      SANDBOX                             72"   SANDBOXSQ   "requires a quote for shipping."
           Sandbox with seat
 # SANDBOX  = $1106.00
Hexagon Sandbox, 120" x 102"
   with 11" x 60" Seats, 3/4" #9
   Expanded Metal. wt. 295 lb.
SANDBOXSQ = $986.00
   Square Sandbox, 73 1/2" seats,
 3/4" #9 Expanded Metal. wt. 280 lb

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